SCUBA Classes

NAUI is recognized worldwide as one of the most respected SCUBA agencies for their safety and teaching standards. At Panama City Dive Center we are proud to be affiliated with, and teach through, National Association of Underwater Instructors. Choosing your instructor is an important part of starting your diving journey. PCDC instructors are committed to “Dive Safety Through Education,” and recognize the importance of designing a course to fit each individual’s needs.

Discover the underwater world with our Try SCUBA program. This introductory course (for ages 8+) is designed to safely let you discover the fun of breathing underwater. We know you will fall in love with diving once you try it!

Entry-level classes (for ages 10+) are designed to get you moving and breathing through the water comfortably and with ease. You will learn how to dive independently of an instructor with a certification that will allow you to dive all around the world! Welcome to the amazing world under the sea!

The Advanced Open Water Diver course will continue your diving education. This course is designed to take your skills to the next level with specialties such as Deep diving, Search & Recovery, Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, and more!

Our Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) class will teach you how to get the most out of every dive with longer bottom times and shorter surface intervals. This course will show you how to choose the best gas blend for your dive profile to maximize the advantages of using Nitrox.

Ready for more? We also offer Rescue Diver, Master SCUBA Diver, and First Aid Provider courses to complete your recreational diver profile. Think you’re ready to make the professional step? Our Assistant Instructor and Divemaster courses will teach you NAUI Leadership skills and prepare you for the Instructor Training Course.

Get started today with NAUI’s eLearning wherever you are! Once you enroll in a class you work the online portion at your convenience before meeting with your instructor for “hands-on” learning.

Whatever your diving goals, we can get you there! Diving is life…everything else is just surface interval!!









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