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Information about the Panama City Dive Sites including depth.

naui dive tables graphic


Naui Dive Tables

You can view a PDF version of the NAUI dive tables here.


Panama City Dive Center Maps


MAP - Dive Shop to Boats

This map will help you get from Panama City Dive Center to the PCDC Boats and back again.


Weater Forecasts for Scuba Diving


NOAA Marine Zone Area Forecast

The National Weather Service 7 day forecast


DAN Divers Alert Network


DAN (Divers Alert Network)

DAN Research provides the diving community with medical information that enables informed decisions about health, safety and diving.


St. Andrews State Park Information


St. Andrews State Park

This former military reservation has over one-and-a-half miles of beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and Grand Lagoon. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, kayaking, and canoeing.


Florida Springs


Florida Springs

Protected Natures Gem's -Diving, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, wildlife watching or simply cooling off.


Dive Tables Explained


ARTICLE - Dive Tables Explained - NAUI & PADI

Dive tables are used to determine how long you can safely stay under water at a given depth, both for the initial dive and for subsequent dives. In this article scubadiverinfo.com, explains dive tables and goes through specific examples of repetitive dives, using both the PADI and NAUI tables.


Wounded Warrior Dive Trip


Wounded Warrior Dive Trip

A group of 16 Wounded Warriors is enjoying the chance to forget some of their daily challenges by spending the day in the water. The warriors took a SCUBA diving trip to several of the area's most popular wreck sites. They say the trip helps heal some of their physical and emotional wounds.



Businesses We Recommend

Here are some places we recommend. We hope by providing you this information it will help you have an incredible time in the Panama City Beach area.

hampton inn panama city beach


HOTEL - Hampton Inn

2909 Thomas Drive
Panama City Beach, FL 32408
(850) 236-8988

Captain Anderson's Restaurant


RESTAURANT - Capt. Anderson's

5551 N Lagoon Drive
Panama City Beach, FL 32408
(850) 234-2225


J Michael's Restaurant


RESTAURANT - J Michael's

3210 Thomas Drive
Panama City Beach, FL 32408
(850) 233-2055


Schooners Panama City Beach


RESTAURANT - Schooners

2909 Thomas Drive
Panama City Beach, FL 32408
(850) 236-8988


Panama City Beach Blue Waffle Shoppe


RESTAURANT - Blue Top Waffle Shoppe

2802 Thomas Drive
Panama City, FL 32408
(850) 234-6888


Man in the Sea Museam Panama City Beach


ATTRACTION - Man in the Sea, Museum of Diving

This is a great place to explore fascinating exhibits and get acquainted with the roots of diving.


Bikini Beach


Bikini Beach

11001 Front Beach Rd
Panama City Beach, FL 32407
(850) 234-3392


Finns Island Style Grub


Finns Island Style Grub

2808 W 12th St
Panama City, FL 32401
(850) 215-9273


Bayou on the Beach Cafe


Bayou on the Beach

11115 Hutchison Blvd
Panama City, FL 32407
(850) 249-3478


Vortex Springs Panama City Beach Florida


Vortex Springs

1517 Vortex Springs Ln.
Ponce De Leon, FL 32455
(850) 836-4979





4823 Thomas Drive
Panama City Beach, FL 32408
Phone: (850) 235-3390
Email: pcdc1983@gmail.com