Panama City Dive Sites ( basic information )

TOP (Feet)
Black Bart 50 75
Strength 63 75
Chickasaw 63 70
Twin Barges 70 80
Loss Pontoon 45 65
Stage II 45 55
Blow UP Barge 60 65
Bridge Span #14 45 72
Bridge Span #1 45 70
Bridge Span #5 45 75
Warsaw Hole 78 82
B&B Barge 40 45
Murphy's Barge 45 50
Atlantis 35 45
Navy Trash Pile 45 50
J&B Reef 35 40
Wet & Wild Spot 40 50
Navy Barge 50 55
Bridge Span #12 45 72
PCMI Barge 60 65
Long Beach Barge 45 53
Jeff A Hover Craft 70 75
Dan Barge 50 60


TOP (Feet)
Chippewa 55 92
Tarpon 90 100
Stage I 60 105
BJ. Putman 70 105
Commander 75 90
Accokeek 60 90
Century Barge 92 100
Twin Tugs 70 100
Mac's Reef 72 97


TOP (Feet)
Grey Ghost 85 105

Various limestone reefs depths ranging from 80' to 100' off Philips Inlet.

DuPont Bridge Span # 1 was sunk October 30, 2008 next to a pile of pipe and the fish are already migrating to the bridge span and it should make a nice fishing reef. coordinates are: 29'58.902°N 85'51.128°W

USS Strength, a Naval mine sweeper. It's 184 feet long with a 33-foot beam. It's located 5.75 miles from the St. Andrews Pass in 75 feet of water. Decommissioned and used as a Navy dive salvage training site. The bow is broken and laid over the port side. The back three quarters is intact and sits on its keel. The highest superstructure is 55 feet. Loran C coordinates: 14076.8, 46943.9.

Hovercraft, weighs 165 tons, is nearly 100 feet long and has a 48-foot beam. It is located about 6 nautical miles from the pass in 75 feet of water. The craft is made of aluminum and has little growth. Loran C coordinates: 14038.6, 46976.8.
Accokeek, a 295-foot Navy tug boat located 12 nautical miles from the pass in 100 feet of water. The wheelhouse is at 65 feet. The vessel is fully intact and is sitting on its keel. Loran C coordinates: 13888.7, 46935.0

B. J. Putnam, a 180-ft supply vessel sitting at 105 feet. The supply boat had been converted for use as a processing platform. It was sunk in 1993. It holds a large variety of marine life, and is a good fishing and diving site for advanced divers. Loran C coordinates: 13991.6, 46909.1.
Black Bart, a 185-foot oil field supply ship sits upright in about 75 feet of water. Her bow points due south. The bridge can be reached at 40 feet and the main deck is at 66 feet. The cargo holds are open for exploration. Divers can also explore the head (complete with toilets) and the galley which still has several appliances. The Black Bart is a popular spot for wreck training and for photography.

There is an abundance of fish in and around the ship. Turtles have been spotted at times, along with catfish, flounder and grouper. The bottom is a bit silty; visibility is generally 20-25 feet at the main deck. Be sure to bring a dive light. One Halloween, a prankster chained a skeleton, complete with mask and snorkel, to the wheelhouse. No word on whether the skeleton is still there. Loran C coordinates: 14030.1, 46972.